2017 - Heidi Larson


2017 - Heidi Larson


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Dr. Heidi Larson (Counseling and Student Development) has been awarded the 2017 Luis Clay Mendez Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Larson's record of service is exemplary in regards to her work at EIU and in the surrounding community. She demonstrates professionalism and innovation when working with students, educating them on how to become better counselors, but leaders within their own communities. Dr. Larson has worked to assist students with internships and practicum experience, in addition to serving on multiple committees within her department. Most notably, her involvement in the Mattoon High School Mentoring Program (B.I.O.N.I.C. - Believe It Or Not I Care) clearly demonstrates her desire to help others, and to provide service to the community itself.

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Fall 2017

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2017 - Heidi Larson