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The Berlin Airlift, or die Berliner Luftbrücke, was one of the most dramatic events of the Cold War. While the Cold War lasted forty-five years, from 1947 to 1991, the Berlin Airlift took place at the very beginning, from 1948-1949. It was a great humanitarian effort, and is respected as one of the United States’ “finest hours,” as author Andrei Cherney titled it. It was presented as such through media, the news, and even pop culture. Curating it to look good was a carefully done job, but that should not always take away from the people who are involved in it that truly wish to do good. As naïve as it may seem to hope that the world can do better, it is better to try to do good than be skeptical and do nothing.


2nd Place, Undergraduate Division, 2024 Booth Library Awards for Excellence in Student Research and Creative Activity

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