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Mosquitoes are vectors known to transmit many pathogens and parasites that cause serious human diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, Yellow and Chikungunya fever, Encephalitis, and Filariasis (Becker et al., 2010) (Franklinos et al., 2019). Aedes albopictus specie transmits Zika, Chikungunya, yellow Fever and Rift valley fever viruses (Leta et al., 2018). Aedes species are geographically invading new areas due to globalization and environmental changes (Lwande et al., 2020). Temperature increase, severe rainfall, and high humidity encourage diseases to spread to new areas where new vectors may act as carriers (Näslund et al., 2021). Aedes albopictus are expanding further along the northern edge of the geographic range (Stone et al., 2020) due to international trade in used tires and timber. This specie can survive cooler regions and is resilient in both rural and urban areas (Organization, 2014).


Honorable Mention, Graduate Division, 2024 Booth Library Awards for Excellence in Student Research and Creative Activity

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