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Mormon religion has been perceived as an outsider due to various beliefs that are followed within its church. The belief that truly separated Mormons from the rest of the world is their practice of polygamy. This belief, which members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints practiced throughout the 19th century until its banishment in the early 20th century, is not looked at through a clear lense. When a large portion of writers and historians think of polygamy, they tend to think of the husband and his point of view. In this paper, Mormon women and their perspectives will be looked at and analyzed. Mormon women and their influence will be discussed, along with documents proving certain perspectives. There are various primary sources that look at women’s opinions and influence of this practice, while some that stereotype them as ignorant. Historians have focused on polygamy within the Mormon church, but the perspective of women tends to be less recognized. Women helped influence their husbands' relationships, helped raise their families, and spoke openly about political issues occurring in the church.


First Place, Undergraduate Division, 2024 Booth Library Awards for Excellence in Student Research and Creative Activity

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