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Bruce David Janu's first feature documentary, Facing Sudan, hit the festival circuit in 2007 and garnered two best documentary awards. Crayons and Paper is a follow-up to that film and features one of its subjects: Dr. Jerry Ehrlich. "I was just taken by him," explains Janu. "He is a film unto himself."

When he is not making films, Janu teaches history and sociology at John Hersey High School in suburban Chicago. Janu is an alumnus of Eastern having earned an MA in1991 and a BA in 1990 he also holds an MA from the University of Chicago.

Helicopters attacking villages. Armed troops burning homes and shooting children. Houses on fire as planes roar through the sky. The crudely drawn pictures show the horrors of war through the eyes of children in two of the world’s most violent places: Sri Lanka and Sudan. Dr. Jerry Ehrlich, a pediatrician working with Doctors Without Borders, brought back home hundreds of these drawings.

This is his story and the stories of countless children, devastated by war

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Bruce David Janu: Crayons and Paper: WAR THROUGH THE EYES OF CHILDREN