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Abigail Smith

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The purpose of this study is to determine the extent of oral health education among head and neck cancer patients throughout various treatment periods and how this education influences their oral health practices, determine satisfaction with education and support based on initial symptoms as well as identify modifications to approaches to oral care education and further define a model for interprofessional practices to establish a role for speech-language pathologists in oral health education. A Qualtrics survey was distributed to gather information on oral care habits, determine habits, education, and satisfaction throughout radiation, completion of daily oral care, importance of oral health, and information specific to their cancer. The results indicate a relationship between number of oral symptoms and oral education satisfaction prior to treatment, as well as general trends of increased education leading to increased practices and satisfaction, a lack of awareness of the importance and health benefits of oral care, and patients with symptoms receiving less education than those without symptoms. Overall, patients with head and neck cancer experience a need for increased multidisciplinary communication and education.


I would like to thank the CDS Department and Honors College for this experience and for always encouraging me to be a curious, life-long learner. I would also like to thank my faculty advisors, Mrs. Barcus and Dr. Throneburg, I am profoundly grateful for their passion for this project as well as their unwavering support and guidance throughout this whole process. Additionally, I am thankful for the guidance and teachings of Dr. Anthony and Dr. Mulvey throughout the past two years. Finally, I would like to thank my family for their loving encouragement and for always supporting me, no matter which endeavors I pursue.

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