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Managing conflict is something that is unavoidable, especially within romantic relationships. There are several factors that can i.nfluence how successfully a person manages conflict; such as the type of conflict involved, the conflict management strategy they employ, and possibly even their adult attachment style. The purpose of this study was to see if the perceived success of conflict management would be affected by a person's adult attachment style, and if certain conflict management strategies would be associated with certain attachment styles. Seventy seven participants read four sets of biographies and conflict scenarios and answered questions about perceived success of conflict management and usage of conflict management strategies. Conflict type had no significant effect on any of the variables, and there were no significant interaction effects. Attachment style did have a significant effect on the perceived likelihood of usage for each of the five different attachment styles. This suggests that people with certain adult attachment styles are more likely to employ certain conflict management strategies over others. Because neither conflict type nor attachment style had an effect on perceived success of conflict management, more research would need to be done in this area to determine what would have an effect.

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