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The purpose of this research is to identify the best computer software programs that are the most effective within the construction industry. Companies are gradually shifting from manual practices to various software and technologies to optimize business and communication efficiency. With the plethora of software available, the industry does not fully understand which software are the most effective for addressing the challenges of the industry. As the industry is struggling with integrating these software into their company structure, more money is being spent to tackle the challenges that face the construction industry today. Companies that do not integrate construction technology to further their efficiency will be left behind. Industry productivity reports show that the construction industry has lost productivity since the 1950's while other industrial sectors have increased their productivity using modem technology. (Crumrie, 2017). Most construction companies work through their management processes manually, instead of utilizing available software programs like Procore, Bluebeam, ASTA Powerproject, and ProEst. These programs are designed to increase efficiency and productivity. In this paper, data is collected and analyzed from Fortune 500 companies, such as Lithko Contracting LLC, Bulley & Andrews, Hensel Phelps, NECA, Walsh and others, and their representatives, regarding their technology usage. The data is taken from company Vice Presidents, Project Managers, Supervisors, and Project Engineers. Application software for various construction management practices are examined and evaluated for their production efficiency impact and relative cost.