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January 2009


Mr. Lee Mingwei is pregnant, the “world’s first pregnant man.” The research website of RYT Hospital at Dwayne Medical Center, an institution specializing in nanotechnological medicine, introduces visitors to Lee (primagravidus2 [G1P0000, EP1, IVF-ET1, Post term])3 and verifies his pregnancy through live feeds of his EKG, sonogram, and vital signs (weight, blood pressure, fundal height4 ). Interested viewers can watch a documentary of Lee shopping in Times Square, talking about his experience as the first pregnant man, or follow links to a U.S. News and World Report magazine cover hailing Lee as “MAN(?) of the Year” or to Lee’s congratulations to “fellow pregnant dad Thomas Beatie” (RYT Hospital). Thomas Beatie (multigravidus [G3P1011, EP1, ICI2, V1])5 is pregnant for the second time, having claimed for himself the label of “first man to give birth.” Beatie’s coming out as a pregnant man in the March 26, 2008, issue of The Advocate garnered immediate, worldwide media attention including discussion on morning news programs, CNN, The View, late-night comedy shows, and a guest appearance on Oprah. In November, 2008, ABC News’ 20/20 aired a special interview of Beatie and his wife, Nancy, with Barbara Walters; at the end of this interview, wallpapered with images of the Beaties and their gurgling four-monthold, Susan, Thomas announced that he was pregnant again and due in June, 2009.