2022 - Jeff Stowell


2022 - Jeff Stowell


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Dr. Jeff Stowell (Psychology) Dr. Jeff Stowell’s service to EIU is at such an incomparable level that it would be difficult to imagine what EIU would look like without his extraordinary commitment to this institution.

He is our accreditation liaison. He is on the textbook advisory committee (in the past chair), the academic program elimination committee, and the institutional animal care and use committee. He has served on the online learning board (co-chaired), HLC assurance review committee (also co-chaired), learning goal subcommittee (chair, of course), and dozens of other committees (university, college, and department) representing many, many years of collective service to our institution. Beyond the gates of EIU, Jeff serves our state and his discipline on the Illinois College Course Materials Affordability and Equitable Access Task Force, IAI Transfer Psychology Panel, and as a reviewer for various journals and presses, among other things. He is currently the executive director of the Mid-America Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference. Last, but certainly not least, Jeff has served continuously on Faculty Senate since 2010, and for the last seven years as Vice-Chair (for which he gets no CUs). Jeff is an innovator and early adopter of classroom technology. He is also conscientious in how he uses these new tools, ever careful to assure that they are actually improving the educational experience for students, as well as their retention and understanding. Jeff has been named the Psi Chi (Psychology Honor’s Society) chapter’s faculty member of the year, four times, and he has been nominated for U.S Professor of the year three times. In addition, he has received a TurningPoint teaching award, the Michael R. Hoadley Instructional Technology Award, an award for a textbook he contributed to (the McGuffey Award), along with teaching awards from our Honors College, the College of Sciences, the School of Continuing Education, and the Department of Psychology, among many other accolades. In 2012 he was named Faculty Laureate, arguably the highest teaching award at our University. Jeff’s record of outstanding research is another feather in our collective hats. Much of his most recent research focuses on the application of various teaching technologies and strategies, and their assessment. This is the kind of work that doesn’t just benefit our students and faculty, but faculty and students everywhere. It is also particularly relevant and timely, given the global pivot to online instruction in the wake of the Covid epidemic, and the changing demographics of our nation that will compel universities to reach out and cater to the unique needs of non-traditional students. Jeff is the author of more than three dozen journal articles and book chapters on these subjects. Many of these are co-written with students. He has also co-authored or edited another dozen works on line and in print, including the books Activities for Teaching Statistics and Research Methods (APA, 2017), and Getting Connected: Best Practices for Technology-Enhanced Teaching and Learning in Psychology (Oxford, 2011). True to the criteria for the award, Jeff exemplifies achievement in every area – service, teaching, and research – for which a professor’s work is traditionally measured.

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Spring 2022

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2022 - Jeff Stowell