2020 - Rebecca Tadlock-Marlo


2020 - Rebecca Tadlock-Marlo


Faculty Senate



Dr. Rebecca Tadlock-Marlo (Counseling and Higher Education) has been awarded the 2020 Distinguished Faculty Award. She is praised by her colleagues as being the embodiment of the engaged faculty member through her engaging and innovative teaching, her extensive research, and commitment to serving EIU. Her contribution to advancing the field of counseling, as well as sharing her teaching methods with her peers from EIU to across the nation, has allowed her to not only excel herself, but to help others as well. In addition to her effective teaching practices, as demonstrated by her high student evaluation, she dedicates her time to mentoring students and faculty, in order to push them to achieve their best. She has served EIU on recruitment, curriculum and orientation committees, along with being a leader in the community by assisting SACIS, the Journey Counseling Center, and several areas schools as a consultant. Her devotion and selflessness has provided exceptional value to her department, the university, and her community.

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Spring 2020

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Faculty Senate, Distinguished Faculty Award

2020 - Rebecca Tadlock-Marlo