2021 - Don Holly


2021 - Don Holly


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Dr. Don Holly (Anthropology) has been awarded the 2021 Distinguished Faculty Award. His 16 years of commitment to EIU through his teaching, research, and service are demonstrated by his work in and out of the classroom. Dr. Holly's service ranges from being active in Faculty Fellows to chairing numerous committees, such as vice-president search committees and Faculty Senate. His archaeological work in Newfoundland, Canada involves students in exhilarating discovery and hands-on learning opportunities. His contribution to general education has also been a part of the important work he has accomplished at EIU, as he continuously strives to engage students in critical thinking while informing students from across campus on a subject he is passionate about. In addition, Dr. Holly has published two books, numerous journal articles, and research reports. He has also presented his work at multiple conferences and secured grant funding. Dr. Holly exemplifies the qualities of a distinguished faculty member for his enthusiasm for teaching, his dedication to service, and advancement of research.

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Spring 2021

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Faculty Senate, Distinguished Faculty Award

2021 - Don Holly