Previous Recipients

Previous Recipients


Faculty Senate



2014 Andrew S. Methven (Biological Sciences)

2013 Melanie Mills (Communication Studies)

2012 Bailey K. Young (History)

2011 David Raybin (English)

2010 Janet Marquardt (Art)

2009 David Radavich (English)

2008 Robert U. Fischer (Biological Sciences)

2007 Roger Beck (History)

2006 Ruth Hoberman (English)

2005 Roger Luft (Technology)

2004 John Best (Psychology)

2003 Luis Clay Mendez (Foreign Languages) and William G. Kirk (Psychology)

2002 David A. Carpenter (English) and George P. Sanders (Music)

2001 Bruce Guernsey (English)

2000 Gail J. Richard (Communication Disorders and Sciences)

1999 Susan Kaufman (Journalism)

1998 Frank McCormick (English)

1997 Marylin Lisowski (Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle-Level Education)

1996 Giles Henderson (Chemistry) and Ronald Gary Wallace (Geology/Geography)

1995 Bill Heyduck (Art)

1994 Robert N. Barger (Secondary Education and Foundations)

1993 Kandy Baumgardner (Zoology)

1992 M. Lee Steinmetz (English)

1991 Kipp C. Kruse (Zoology)

1990 Ruth Dow (Home Economics)

1989 Lawrence B. Hunt (Zoology), James Quivey (English), and Robert B. Sonderman (Technology)

1988 Michael Goodrich (Zoology) and Richard Keiter (Chemistry)

1987 June M. Krutza (Art) and John David Reed (Journalism)

1986 Alan R. Aulabaugh (Music) and Catherine A. Smith (Music)

1985 Eugene B. Krehbiel (Zoology) and Donald F. Tingley (History)

1984 Jerome J. Rooke (Accountancy, Data Processing and Finance)

1983 Wayne Thurman (Speech Pathology and Audiology) and Lynn Edgar Trank (Art)

1982 E. Glendon Gabbard (Theatre Arts), Lavern Hamand (History), and Leonard Wood (History and Cooperative Education)

1981 Joseph T. Connelly (Political Science) and Lucina P. Gabbard (English)

1980 Michael B. Leyden (Elementary and Junior High School Education) and Lawrence A. Ringenberg (Mathematics)

1979 Edward O. Moll (Zoology) and John E. Price (Music)

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Previous Recipients