2018 - Gary Aylesworth


2018 - Gary Aylesworth


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Dr. Gary Aylesworth (Philosophy) has been awarded the 2018 Distinguished Faculty Award. Congratulations! For nearly three decades he has consistently maintained a level of superior performance as a teacher, researcher, and in service to our university and his professional discipline. From his work on restructuring the curriculum and courses in his department in order to be more rigorous, to creating interdisciplinary connections with the Art Department, to continuously being visible and available on campus to talk with students, his teaching ability has impacted many areas of the Philosophy Department. Furthermore, Dr. Aylesworth has served as the Chair of his department, the Honors Coordinator, the faculty adviser for the EIU Society of Free Thought, Faculty Senate, and other various committees. His multiple presentations, translations of work, and publications reflect a wide variety of interests to many different audiences. Dr. Aylesworth demonstrates the outstanding qualities to be granted the Distinguished Faculty Award.

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Distinguished Faculty Award, EIU

2018 - Gary Aylesworth