2022 - Grant Sterling

2022 - Grant Sterling


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Dr. Sterling (Philosophy) is an EIU alumnus who graduated summa cum laude with a BA in Philosophy, went on to earn a PhD from Iowa, and returned to EIU in 1990 to teach. He has since been intensely committed to student learning and to EIU. His 30+ year career is a model of academic distinction.

During these years, Dr. Sterling has earned just about every award possible at EIU. The Faculty Laureate Award for excellence in teaching, the Luis Clay Mendez Distinguished Service Award, an acknowledgment of dedication and service to the university, the profession, and the community, a collection of Achievement and Contribution Awards, and now, the Distinguished Faculty Award, one of the most prestigious awards available to EIU faculty. His activities at EIU entail being fully engaged in his profession and his discipline. Students flock to his classes, his scholarly pursuits include active participation in many regional conferences and several noteworthy publications, including his book Intuitionism and Its Critics, and his service roles are labor intensive, leadership roles, such as Chief Negotiator for EIU-UPI negotiations, Chair of Faculty Senate, and EIU General Education Coordinator. He serves as Chairman of the Board at First Christian Church and has served on the UPI Illinois Federation of Teachers Higher Education Constituency Committee. Dr. Sterling’s career reflects the practical value of a degree in the humanities, a degree in Philosophy. So, for those out there earning degrees in the humanities, take note. There is value, marketability, and distinction, in doing what you love.

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Spring 2022

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2022 - Grant Sterling