Faculty Research & Creative Activity


Preserving accuracy in GenBank


Thomas Bruns, University of California, Berkeley
Meredith Blackwell, Louisiana State University
Ivan Edwards, University of Michigan
Andy Taylor, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Thomas Horton, State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Ning Zhang, Cornell University
Urmas Kõljalg, University of Tartu
Georgiana May, University of Minnesota
Thomas Kuyper, Wageningen University and Research Centre
James Bever, Indiana University
Gregory Gilbert, University of California, Santa Cruz
John Taylor, University of California, Berkeley
Todd DeSantis, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Anne Pringle, Harvard University
James Borneman, University of California, Riverside
Greg Thorn, University of Western Ontario
Mary Berbee, University of British Columbia
Gregory Mueller, Field Museum of Natural History
Gary Andersen, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Else Vellinga, University of California, Berkeley
Sara Branco
Ian Anderson, University of Sydney
Ian Dickie, Landcare Research
Peter Avis, Indiana University
Sari Timonen, University of Helsinki
Rasmus Kjøller, University of Copenhagen
D. Lodge, United States Department of Agriculture
Richard Bateman, Royal Botanic Gardens
Andy Purvis, Imperial College London
Pedro Crous, Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures
Christine Hawkes, University of Texas at Austin
Tim Barraclough, Imperial College London
Austin Burt, Imperial College London
R. Nilsson, University of Gothenburg
Karl Larsson, University of Gothenburg
Ian Alexander, University of Aberdeen
Jean Moncalvo, University of Toronto
Jean Berube, Natural Resources Canada
Joseph Spatafora, Oregon State University
H. Lumbsch, Field Museum of Natural History
Jaime Blair, Amherst College
Sung Suh, ATCC
Donald Pfister, Harvard University
Manfred Binder, Clark University
Eric Boehm, Kean University
Linda Kohn, University of Toronto
Juan Mata, University of South Alabama
Paul Dyer, University of Nottingham
Gi Sung, Oregon State University

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March 2008