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Vol. 54, Issue 1

Table of Contents

About Face!: A Confederacy of Cliches
Karen Neuberg
page 8

James Cox
page 9

Taryn DeVries
page 12

The Imagination of a Child
Maxwell Collins
page 16

How Free to be a Tree
Leann Kirchner
page 18

Valentina Cano
page 19

Old West Photos
Fred Pollack
page 20

Lava Lamp
Fred Pollack
page 21

Mort Mot
Gerry Mark Norton
page 23

If I
Laura Adrian
page 24

Finding my Monkey
David Lewitzky
page 25

Slow Drag
David Lewitzky
page 26

Political Science
Elizabeth Marlow
page 27

...Were Punctuated By...
Elizabeth Marlow
page 28

St. E Pt 1
Elizabeth Marlow
page 29

The Steamboat Captain
Elizabeth Marlow
page 30

Pretty Eyes
Ryan Shea
page 31

The World is Round
Ryan Shea
page 32

End Songs
Jason Graff
page 33

The Sensitive Youth Grows Up
Richard King Perkins II
page 41

Colors and Light
Kyle Owens
page 42

Karlyn Thayer
page 44

Where Is Waldo?
Riley Parish
page 57

Beneath Shifting Sounds
Holly Day
page 58

Talking Shop with Mike Kardos
page 60

Winnie Davis Neely Award winner:

Paper Cuts
Gregory Robert Peterson
page 68

Paper-Mache Poetry
Gregory Robert Peterson
page 69

James K. Johnson Award winners:

Christopher Robinson
page 72

Dear Mother
Eliot Thompson
page 76

Why Are There Bars on the Windows
Eliot Thompson
page 77

To Be a Scholar
Eliot Thompson
page 79

Eliot Thompson
page 80

Falling is for the Clumsy
Eliot Thompson
page 81

Scary Monsters
C. David Banyai
page 83

I Called My Grandmother Dolly
Rashelle Spear
page 90

Tender Flesh
H R Green
page 92

Faking It
Shelby Koehne
page 95

Contributor's notes
page 101

Publication Date

Spring 2013

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