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Table of Contents

Knowledge of Self
Greg Baptiste
page 4

Coleman 3371
Amanda Beard
page 5

Mixed Messages (after Stephen Dunn)
Colette Beausoleil

Returning to Rhythm
Aubrey Bonanno
page 6

Pecan Grove
Natalie Esposito
page 7

Childhood's End
Rachael Harzinski
page 15

Unknown Infant
Amanda Beard and Andy Koch
page 16

Rachael Harzinski
page 16

alone she sits
Krystal Hering
page 18

A Sketch of Grandma
Krystal Hering
page 19

Two Headstones
Amanda Beard and Andy Koch
page 19

Shattuc, Summer 1995
Andy Koch
page 20

Sky Poem
Andy Koch
page 21

Wild Years (For: Tom)
Scott E. Lutz
page 21

All Air, No Net!
Lora Ann Neihart
page 22

The Evil Apostle
Janet McGrath
page 23

Rachel Sefton
page 27

Dear Insurance Executive
Patti Smith
page 27

Dancing Music
Josh Sopiarz
page 28

The Picnic For Lisa
Josh Sopiarz
page 29

Today (an unusually warm and sunny winter day)
Josh Sopiarz
page 30

Silver and Neon
Stanley (Buck) Weiss
page 30

About the sacredness of dandruff, of peoples' essences; or why I feared cleaning my father's room
Levi Woollen-Danner
page 32

In Boulder on a blustery day that reminded me I wasn't running away from anything
Levi Woollen-Danner
page 33

page 35

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Spring 2003

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