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Table of Contents

Black Lace Under White Oxford
Amee Bohrer
page 4

We Have Forgotten
Aubrey Bonnano
page 4

The Grand Old Drink of the South
Natalie Esposito
page 5

Christie Jean Hall
page 6

Sol from the City
Jeremy Hartzell
page 7-10

Yellow Time
Erika Larson
page 10

Death of a Salesman's Wife
Erika Larson
page 11-12

This Side
Erika Larson
page 12

Timothy Lockman
page 13

Chess Game
Mike Scales
page 13

Facing Him
Timothy Lockman
page 14

Ron Lybarger
page 15

Sunlit Hydrant
Mike Scales
page 15

Reginald Mansfield
page 16

four corners
Dave Moutray
page 17

regretting Pam
Dave Moutray
page 18-19

Chicago Summertime
Lisa Sarm
page 19

Hands of Time
Jessica Shekleton
page 20

An Appointment
Josh Sopiarz
page 21

Our Fates and Old Men's Glasses
Josh Sopiarz
page 22

An Apple Orchard Picnic
Josh Sopiarz
page 23

November Grays
Joe Webb
page 24

The Ax
Janet Windeguth
page 25-31

The Old Porch Swing
Joe Webb
page 32

Green Machine
Qynn McCrory, H.S. Writing Contest Winner
page 33

My Little Pony
J. Benjamin Blount, H.S. Writing Contest Winner
page 34

page 35-36

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Spring 1-1-2002

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The Vehicle, Spring 2002