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The Swimmers
Jennifer Moro
page 2

Everlasting Arms
Sue Songer
page 2

Talking to an Addict
Bridgett Jensen
page 3

Tiffany Abbott
page 5

Matthew Berry
page 6

winter fields
Keith Spear
page 7

Kemp Nishan Muniz
page 7

Rainy Night in Paris
Diana Matijas
page 8

nap time
Kelly A. Price
page 10

Angel of the Earth
Heather Anne Winters
page 10

Color Dreams
Matthew J. Nelson
page 12

Dandelion Paint
Sandy Beauchamp
page 13

Merry Go Round Marathon
Elizabeth Bromley
page 14

The Armadillo
Keith Spear
page 15

The Shoe Saga
Jennifer Moro
page 16

Coffee Cup Confessional Booth
Sue Songer
page 18

What Gravity, A Rock And A Rabbit Have To Do With My Love Life
Martin Paul Britt
page 19

Good Bye, Good Knight
Rich Bird
page 20


Railroad Station I
Kelly A. Price
page 22

1000 Vines
Kelly A. Price
page 23

Self Portrait
Kelly A. Price
page 24


Queen of Dead Air
Bryan Levek
page 26

Closer to the noise
Michell Heidel
page 29

Somewhere in Between
Kimberly Hunter
page 32

Miss Steak
Bryan Levek
page 37

Chasing the Chaste
Terry Bassett
page 43


Authors, editors
page 48

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Spring 1-1-1995

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