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Table of Contents

Amy Schmitzer
page 5-6

Courthouse Clock
Anthony Smith
page 7

The Painting
Angie Gallion
page 8

Empty Moon
Victoria Bennett
page 9

Laura Durnell
page 10

Nancy James
page 11

Imprisoned (photo)
Dan Koonce
page 12

I Hit Mother Nature with My Ten Speed
John Hayward
page 13

The Realm of Mother
Jennifer Moro
page 14-16

untitled (drawing)
Mark Randall
page 20

With Purity and Perversion
Bret Evangelista
page 21

O'Hare Airport
Anthony Smith
page 22

morgen, my desolation
travis mcdade
page 22-23

Ever Green
Chris Rosenstock
page 24

Thomas D. Schnarre
page 25-26

Notes on the Egyptian Exhibit
Victoria Bennett
page 27

Moving On
Christina Roy
page 28

weep my inquisitive heart
travis mcdade
page 29-30

Dance (drawing)
Tim Culloton
page 31

Roots of the Oak
Thomas D. Schnarre
page 32-33

god's suicide
Liam Burke
page 34

The Poa Tree
Sheila Taylor
page 35

Publication Date

Fall 1-1-1991

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