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Craig Titley
page 3

Justice Distribution
Angie Gerald
page 4

Letter from My Mother
Dan Von Holten
page 6

The Fool and His Lady
Rodger Patience
page 7

What Big Is
Bob Zordani
page 8

Blind Architecture
Jim Reed
page 9

Ah, What a Funny Thing These Eyes
Craig Titley
page 10

Patrick Peters
page 11

The Cow
Steven M. Beamer
page 13

The Enigma of My Existence
Angie Kath
page 14

Neon Teeth
Michael Salem
page 15

Zombie Poseidon
Michael Salem
page 16

From: Letters from the Linder Building
Patrick Peters, Bob Zordani, Dan Von Holten
page 17

A Man of Jackson IV (City Dweller)
Steven M. Beamer
page 19

11:45 p.m. Friday
Elizabeth McMeekan
page 20

Mr. Siegel-January 1967
Timothy J. McCarthy
page 21

She had a look about her
A bag man of Jackson pauses for a portrait
Steven M. Beamer
page 22

Citybed (Homeless of Chicago)
Steven M. Beamer
page 23

Electra and the Eighteen Wheeler
Tammy Veach
page 24

Rhonda Ealy
page 28

Grave Mill I
Steven M. Beamer
page 29

The Party (A Social Event in 80 Words or Less)
Groucho Smith
page 30

Graceland and Elvis Presley Earmuffs
Craig Titley
page 31

Learning to Forage
Dan Von Holten
page 33

One Last Peanut at Gateway Center
Reflections of Three with DeCicco and Lady
Steven M. Beamer
page 34

Letter from the Midwest
Patrick Peters
page 35

Jim Reed
page 36

Excerpts from Notebook Australia
Keith Schuster
page 37

Letter from the Desert
Patrick Peters
page 40

Tinted Blue, Waiting for an Uptown Taxi
Michael Salem
page 42

Voice and Earth: A Review of The Invention of the Telephone by Bruce Guernsey
Dan Von Holten
page 43

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Spring 1988

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The Vehicle, Spring 1988