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Vol. 15, No. 1

Table of Contents

Hail to the Cheeks of Men
Nancy Broom Brown
page 1

Sister Eleanor's Gray Friends
Gina Morgan
page 2

The Typing Teacher
Anne Hubbard
page 3

Pensive Again
Peter McCullar
page 7

The Defense Man
Kathryn Major
page 9

Wedding Preparation
Kathryn R. Leesman
page 10

Reflections on Bathing
Chris Benignus
page 14

Home: Bed of Dust
Helen Mattern
page 14

One Time
Chris Benignus
page 15

Ruth Ann Meyer
page 16

Park Sitter
Eric H. Synder
page 17

The Sole Tortoise
Dennis Kroft
page 18

Blind Society
Mike Cordts
page 19

Black Dream
Peter McCullar
page 21

The Poetry Reading
Ray Schmudde
page 22

The Funeral
Marsha Halford
page 23

She and Her
Rosanne Davis
page 24

The Cane Pole Lungfish
Jeff Kayser
page 26

Du, stille Welt
Mary Bassett
page 27

Nancy Broom Brown
page 29

Photography and Art Credits

Dann Gire
cover, page 18

Mark McKinney
page 2, 17, 25

John Graves
page 8

Sally Brothers
page 13

Normal Le Clercq
page 28

Wm. Murawski
page 30

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