Graduate Program

Communication Studies

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

Semester of Degree Completion

Spring 2023

Thesis Director

Claudia Janssen Danyi

Thesis Committee Member

Matthew J. Gill

Thesis Committee Member

Angela S. Jacobs


This study explores LaLiga fandom in the U.S. by examining fan identification, loyalty, and commitment to their favorite LaLiga team. Moreover, the study explored the reasons why fans first choose their favorite team to support as well as their motives to watch or attend soccer games. To do so, a mixed method approach was used in which participants from LaLiga teams around the U.S. were asked to complete a survey questionnaire and participate in an in-depth interview. Based on the findings, the discussion identifies key strategic considerations and needs of future research for LaLiga to better adjust its communication strategies to more effectively reach its U.S audience, these findings include; U.S fans highly identify with individual players, team values are an important factor of fan commitment to their team, psychological motives are the biggest reason why U.S fans watch or attend soccer games, and U.S fans that started supporting their team because of family tradition tend to have higher identification levels with their team. The results of this study will be shared with LaLiga in hopes they can develop strategies to better reach their U.S. audience.

Available for download on Saturday, May 25, 2024