Graduate Program

School Psychology

Degree Name

Specialist in School Psychology

Semester of Degree Completion

Spring 2023

Thesis Director

Gary L. Canivez

Thesis Committee Member

Margaret T. Floress

Thesis Committee Member

Ronan S. Bernas


The Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence, Second Edition (WASI-II; Wechsler, 2011) and the Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales, Second Edition (RIAS-2; Reynolds & Kamphaus, 2015) are two intelligence tests created to assess general intelligence, using four subtests reflecting two verbal and two nonverbal (perceptual reasoning) tasks. Both tests overlap to assess individuals between the ages of 6 to 90, and while the WASI-II is specified by the publisher as a screening measure, the RIAS-2 is not. Tests like the WASI-II and RIAS-2 may provide more efficient assessment of general intelligence, which can reduce assessment time and allow professionals to engage in other professional responsibilities. Both the WASI-II and RIAS-2 manuals report comparison with several longer, so-called “comprehensive” intelligence tests to assess convergent validity and discriminant validity; however at this time, there are no independent studies comparing the WASI-II and RIAS-2. This present study (N = 60) examined the convergent and discriminant validity of the WASI-II and RIAS-2 with elementary and secondary school children, as well as adult volunteers, to assess the construct validity of both measures. Results support the construct validity of the WASI-II and RIAS-2. Results revealed strong convergent validity support for full scale composite scores, as well as their verbal and nonverbal estimates. Dissimilar IQ scales were correlated to a lesser degree compared to convergent validity. Using one of these assessments may be both time and cost effective within the educational setting to allow professionals more time providing interventions, consultation, teaming, and report writing.