Graduate Program

Communication Studies

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

Semester of Degree Completion

Spring 2023

Thesis Director

Claudia Janssen Danyi

Thesis Committee Member

Rashmi Thapaliya

Thesis Committee Member

Angela S. Jacobs

Thesis Committee Member

A.J. Walsh


Branding plays a significant role in representing an organization and can help further its mission (Kylander & Stone, 2012). The purpose of this creative thesis is to help the Douglas-Hart Foundation and its three nature locations: the Douglas-Hart Nature Center, Friendship Garden, and the Whiteside Garden assess its branding and establish fitting strategies for the branding of the organization moving forwards. The method used to accomplish this was a brand audit of several key communication channels and documents of the organization and a SWOT analysis of these aspects along with suggested strategies and examples showing how the organization might integrate some of these strategies moving forwards. The results of this project indicate the best strategy for the organization is the “branded house” strategy with the Douglas-Hart Foundation and Douglas-Hart Nature Center as co-drivers and Friendship Garden and the Whiteside Garden as “sub brands” of the foundation and Nature Center. Other general conclusions suggest branding with more consistency, highlighting education, and using elements strategically to help the organization reach its goals. Three documents have been created to show examples of how the organization may implement selected tactics from the suggestions made.

Included in

Communication Commons