Graduate Program


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Semester of Degree Completion

Fall 2021

Thesis Director

Hongshan He

Thesis Committee Member

Edward M. Treadwell

Thesis Committee Member

Radu F. Semeniuc

Thesis Committee Member

Zhiqing Yan


The unique structure and superior properties of lanthanide porphyrins enable them to be used in a broad variety of applications, especially in medical diagnosis fields. This research focuses on modifying the porphyrin ligands in various places, resulting in broader absorption in the red region and strong emission in the near-infrared region for these ytterbium(III) porphyrin complexes. The design, synthesis and characterization for DMPH2-BDP, DMPH2-COOH, TPLH2 ligands and YbDMP-BDP, YbDMP-COOH complexes are described. The photophysical properties of these ligands and complexes including their absorbance, fluorescence and quantum yields are also presented. Both the synthesized ligands and complexes exhibit absorption peaks in the far-red region, indicating a novel strategy for the manufacture of lanthanide porphyrin photosensitive probes with red light excitation capability.

Available for download on Saturday, January 06, 2024