Graduate Program

Educational Leadership (EdS and SSP)

Degree Name

Education Specialist (EdS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Robert C. Wiseman

Thesis Committee Member

Floyd A. Landsaw

Thesis Committee Member

Dorothy M. Hart


This study was designed to research the development of the physical education program at Eastern Illinois University relative to its use of audio visual materials. The period covered was 1899-1984. The curriculum of physical education was researched from 1899-1924 to provide background for the reporting of the early use of audio visual materials.

The writer interviewed Dr . Gene W. Scholes, Director of the Audio Visual Center, and checked the Center's inventory records. The writer also interviewed staff members of the Physical Education Department and thereby established that instructional media materials were used extensively in athletics and in departmental activities. This would seem appropriate since physical activities such as dance, sports and swimming are either audio or visually oriented movements and actions.

The study also includes examples of physical education curriculum patterns for the years 1899-1924. Photographic samples of physical education activities, of student pictures. and of campus buildings are illustrative of the early use of audio visual materials.

In recent years video-audio technology has developed in enormous dimensions, especially in the field of sports, cultural entertainment and performance. The use of special techniques in presenting games gives a much better perspective to both coaches and performers. It is expected that in the next decade, increased usage of these media will result in a noticeable improvement in the effectiveness of these individuals.