Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

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Thesis Director

Richard D. Andrews


Home ranges and movements were determined for 11 fox squirrels (Sciurus niger) and analyzed with respect to the distribution of mast trees and den trees on a 12¼ acre wooded plot in east central Illinois. Average home range size for all squirrels was 0.9 acres. The home range of adult squirrels averaged 1.5 acres while juveniles averaged 0.8 acres. Females had larger home ranges (1.4 acres) than males (0.6 acres). The average distance moved within the home range was 360 feet for all squirrels. The average distances moved by adults and juveniles was nearly the same (275-280 feet), but females moved farther (340 feet) than males (170 feet). Home ranges were linear in shape. Linearity was greatest for juvenile females (1:2.7); greater in juveniles (1:2.2) than adults (1:1.4), and greater in females (1:1.8) than males (1:1.5). Seventy-eight percent of all available den trees and sixty-five percent of all available mast trees were located within the home ranges of the 11 observed squirrels.

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Zoology Commons