Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Randall H. Best


The purpose of this study was to try to determine whether or not the way that a homosexual recalled his parent child relationships might be a function of the population from which he was drawn.

The primary hypothesis of this paper was that attitudes would not differ significantly between homosexual and heterosexual groups. A secondary hypothesis was that attitudes would not differ significantly between groups in each area covered; therapy, social action, and non-social action.

Sixty male homosexuals and 60 male heterosexuals volunteered to participate in this study.

The 27 item questionnaire adapted by Ray Evans from Irving Bieber's questionnaire was administered to 20 homosexuals in therapy and 20 heterosexuals in therapy; to 20 homosexuals in a social action group and to 20 heterosexuals in a social action group; and to 20 homosexuals and 20 heterosexuals not in social action groups.

The results of this study did not support the major hypothesis in that attitudes did differ significantly between the heterosexuals and the homosexuals. The secondary hypothesis was not supported in that there were significant differences between the two non-social action groups, although there were no significant differences between the social action groups and the therapy groups.