Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

June M. Krutza


This paper presents a survey of statements and the works of eight teacher-potters in Illinois. The works range from simple functional ware to funk art objects. The firing temperatures range from low fire white ware to high fire salt. The styles of the work are many; the philosophies of the work varied; and techniques of the work are diversified; but common to each work is its creation from idea to actuality by the teacher-potter. Beyond depicting the work, the paper attempts to establish the teacher-potter who created the work by showing photographs of him and by presenting his ideas and thinking on a variety of subjects relating to ceramics, art and teaching.

The following is a list of questions used in interviewing each teacher-potter. The questions were necessary in order to establish a structure to work from. The questions are simple and at the same time complex. This was done intentionally so that the teacher-potter could pick and choose the questions and go in whatever direction he was concerned with.

The main issues of concern were the teacher-potters’ opinions about ceramics, art, and teaching. Each teacher-potter, during the course of the interview and in many cases after the taped conversation, spoke of things that he was personally concerned with.

The questions provided a structure to work from, as was stated in paragraph two. However, during the interview many more questions of a specific nature came to mind. For example, questions dealing with techniques of working or stories of personal experiences of the teacher-potter. For this reason I believe the general open questions were successful.