Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Rigoberto Chinchilla


Defense in depth network perimeter security has always be a topic of discussion for a long time as an efficient way of mitigating cyber-attacks. While there are no 100% mitigating method against cyber-attacks, a layered defense in depth network perimeter security can be used to mitigate against cyber-attacks. Research have shown a massive growth in cyber-crimes and there are limited number of cyber security expert to counter this attacks. EIU as an institution is taking up the responsibility of producing cyber security graduates with the new Master of Science in Cyber Security program that started in Fall 2017.

This research is aim at designing and developing a defense in depth network perimeter security that will be used for laboratory practices to learn and simulate cyber security activity and its mitigation. The research is complemented with the design of ten laboratory practices to give expertise to the students in the equipment used in the design. The designed topology comprises of two sites, connected via IPSec site to site VPN over an unsecure internet connection. A public testing webserver is placed at the DMZ which is to be used to invite hackers to attack the design system for the purpose of detecting, preventing and learning cyber-attack mechanisms.