Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Randall H. Best


A study was conducted to investigate the relationship of the Jourard Self-disclosure Inventory (JSDI) to 1) nonverbal behavior and 2) actual disclosure (validation of the JSDI) as measured by the number of words and speaking time. Latency was also involved. From 120 students completing the inventory 30 students scoring in the upper 30% (high-disclosers) and 30 from the lower 30% (low-disclosers) were chosen to participate in an interview. The interview consisted of 30 topics of varying intimacy about which Ss disclosed. The high-discloser group and low-discloser group were compared by a rating scale for “open” behaviors “closed” behaviors during the interviews. The verbal tapes of the two groups were also compared for differences in main effects. The results showed 1) significant t-tests for Arm Openness (t=2.43, p<.025), Eye Gaze (t=2.09, p<.05), and Total Hand Motion (t=2.48, p<.01), 2) little support for the JSDI in an analysis of variance of verbal measures, implying that the JSDI may not be an acceptable measure for predicting disclosure. Implications were discussed.