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Education Specialist (EdS)

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Gerhard C. Matzner


The Field Study consisted of an internship in administration. An internship in administration in the field of vocational education appeared most beneficial to interests and objectives of the writer. The internship was served under the supervision of the director of vocational education and athletics. Activities in which the writer was involved within the athletic department offered limited value towards administrative experience beyond general supervision at athletic events. These activities were not a concern of the internship, since they would not normally be responsibilities of the vocational director.

A considerable part of the internship involved the routine management of the vocational office. The routine management of the vocational office included the following activities:

  1. Follow up all communications to the vocational office.
  2. Maintain and disseminate all needed printed forms.
  3. Examine complementary texts and educational materials and catalogue or forward to respective staff member.
  4. Maintain liaison between vocational staff, vocational director, and building principal.
  5. Supervise student secretarial staff.
  6. Process requisitions.
  7. Maintain office equipment and supplies.
  8. Assist with disciplinary problems as necessary.
  9. Orient and assist substitute teachers.
  10. Maintain all necessary vocational files.
  11. Assist the director as requested.

The second major area of activity of the internship was the preparation of the Local One and Five Year Plan for the State Office of Adult, Vocational, and Technical Education. In past years this plan was only revised as necessary. This particular year the format was changed and the entire plan had to be completely rewritten. The two largest parts of the plan were the occupational program narrative and the curriculum guide, both of which were the sole responsibility of the writer. See appendix A and B of the Field Study. A specific set of guidelines for the writing of the plan was forwarded by the state office.


Dept. of School Service Personnel

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