Graduate Program

Guidance and Counseling

Degree Name

Education Specialist (EdS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Paul D. Overton


One of the many jobs that the high school guidance counselor may find himself or herself doing is that of curriculum planner.

The objective of this paper is to construct a handbook for conducting a mini course program in Kewanee High School. This handbook can be adopted to set up a mini course program in any educational environment. With only a little modification, a successful program may be set up in a larger or smaller school system. It can also be used as a model for a junior high school or grade school program.

The type of mini course program we are working with is one where students are not given grades or credit toward graduation. This type of mini course program is a concept of conducting different types of courses than are normally offered in the school. These courses, usually one week in length, give the student a chance to broaden his experience and increase his general knowledge in areas that would not normally be included in the public high school curriculum. These courses encompass a wide variety of subjects. This type of mini course could cover everything from Ardvark raising to Zebra riding as long as there was an interest and qualified instructors were available.

This manual will endeavor to provide the reader with the necessary expertise to set up and run a one week mini course program for the high school. If the individual has already had experience with mini courses this booklet may give some new ideas and different approaches to running the program so that the students will feel that the program has been enlighting.

This manual gives the reader a step by step description of how to set up and organize a mini course program. It explaines the selection of classes, the selection of the faculty and how to go about obtaining outside help in the form of guest instructors. Also covered is the registration process and some different ideas as to how to go about registering students for mini course week.

Included is a complete set of appendices showing the different types of forms used and ways to obtain feed back about the program from both students and faculty. There is also a check list to serve as a countdown for the different activities that should be completed in the order that they should be completed.