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Education Specialist (EdS)

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Educational Psychology and Guidance

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Paul D. Overton


This handbook was developed to serve the needs of the Champaign County Youth Detention Center and interested community members. It is also designed to serve as a guideline for future handbooks at the center and for other agencies which may require such a handbook. This handbook should eliminate any confusion concerning regulations and policy of the center and prove to be satisfactory replacement for single sheet information which was formerly used.

There was an apparent need for this handbook to replace the intake folder and thereby provide a more useful and meaningful method of transmitting vitally important information to concerned individuals. Hopefully this handbook will successfully perform that function.

On preparing the handbook the present philosophy of the administration was included. Obviously this philosophy is subject to change, especially if there is a change in the administration personnel. There is also included a short history and hopefully a future volume will improve on this area.

The handbook also contains a fairly good list of definitions which should prove useful to the center personnel and to the resdients of the center, however, this list may require some additions and perhaps some deletions in a future volume.

It should be understood that the body of this handbook is highly flexible and is subject to change as the administration deems necessary.

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