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The paper consists of eight chapters. Chapter 1 is an introductory chapter followed by six chapters on the coaching eras. Chapter 8 is a summary containing recommendations and problems involved with writing the thesis.

The chapters on the coaching eras are organized by coaches rather than by decades or by any certain number of years. The number of years covered in each chapter ranges from five to ten years with the exception of Chapter 7 which spans twenty-one years. No more than three coaching eras are included in each chapter. Chapter 2 includes the coaching eras of Guy Lowry (1917-1924), Gladwin Gaumer (1925), and Paris Loucks (1926). Chapter 3 contains the coaching eras of Lloyd Becker (1927-1928), William White (1929-1930), and George Harper (1931-1935). Chapter 4 includes the coaching eras of Joe Wylder (1936-1941) and Fred Reuter (1942). Chapter 5 is the coaching eras of Von Armer (1943-1945), Harley Culberson (1946-1949), and Mike Corby (1950-1952). The coaching of Dale Fahsbender (1953), Ralph Thompson (1954-1955), and Ralph Naylor (1956-1957) comprises Chapter 6. Chapter is the coaching era of Jack Dettro (1958-1978).

Each chapter is divided into single years. For each year there is an introduction, a list of the scores for that year, and a summary of the year. The list of scores also contains the date of the game and the site of the game. Following the scores, the coach, the team won-loss record, and the cumulative won-loss record of the coach is given. As a part of the summary, the source of information for the scores of any given year is identified. Immediately following the summary is a alphabetical listing of the varsity players for that year.

The sources of imformation for the scores in each year were yearbooks, newspapers, personal interviews, and scorebooks. Where possible, the scores were cross-checked for accuracy. The Decatur Herald was used as the newspaper source. All past copies of the Decatur Herald are on microfilm at the Decatur Public Library. Personal interviews were used as a source of highlights of games and not for the actual scores of the games.

An appendix follows Chapter 8. The appendix contains the years and cumulative records for each coach while at Stonington High School. There is also a page containing the cumulative record of Stonington High School against each different school played. Finally there is a record page containing all-time team, individual, and coaching records.

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