Graduate Program

Educational Administration

Degree Name

Education Specialist (EdS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Robert V. Shuff


The goal or purpose of an administrative intern program is to expose the prospective principal or superintendent to the integral workings of the position so he can gain the necessary insight and training which will enable him to eventually function in such a capacity.

The prospective administrator then has the opportunity to learn, through application, the principles and theories he has been taught.

The decision was made to serve an internship under the supervision and direction of the principal at Salem Community High School. The prospective intern was to work two to three hours a day with the principal in routine kinds of duties as well as special projects.

It was determined that a weekly summary log would be kept for the duration of the internship which would be first semester, August 31 through January 13.

In addition to the log, special assignments were made to be completed under the supervision of the principal. A description of these projects is included in this paper.

The experience and knowledge gained from this internship was immeasureable. The experience was frustrating as well as rewarding. The overall exposure was certainly well worth the time and effort.

It is recommended that more people in education should be exposed to administrative duties so as to better understand the responsibilities involved.