Degree Name

Education Specialist (EdS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Donald W. Smitley


This field study is a descriptive analysis of the creation and operation of a general advisory council currently functioning in the Witt Unit School District Number 66, Witt, Illinois. Included within this field study is a description of the procedures used to create the Advisory Council and an analysis of the current operations of the Council along with recommendations for its continued operation.

The author has tried to provide a framework that could be utilized by others who desire to create advisory councils or conduct evaluations of existing councils. Chapter I provides information on the setting for this particular study. An overview of the Witt community is presented as is general information on the "open-door" policy which is increasingly being called for at the federal, state, and local levels.

Chapter II is a descriptive summary of the steps leading to the creation of the Witt Unit's Citizen Advisory Council. Included at this point is a log of activities which is included to provide verification of the extent of involvement of the Council as well as the role of the author in its operation.

Chapter III is an analysis of the activities of the Advisory Council. The author's own opinions of the value of the Council's existence are utilized. Additionally, there is a delineation of problems with Council operations which the author feels exist at the present time. Chapter III also includes an analysis of the benefits derived by the Witt District as a result of the existence of the Advisory Council.

Chapter IV outlines the procedure utilized to conduct an assessment of the current status of the Witt Citizens Advisory Council. The basis for the self-evaluation questionnaire utilized in the assessment is indicated and the results of the assessment are analyzed. This assessment, along with the author's personal observations, provide the basis for recommendations for the continued operation of the Council.

Chapter V contains the summary and recommendations of the author. It is anticipated that the recommendations will be reviewed with both the members of the Advisory Council and the Board of Education.

This field study also provides two Appendixes of note. Apendix A is a copy of the contitution which creates the Council and establishes its functions and limitations. Appendix B is a sample of the self-evaluation questionnaire utilized in assessing the current status of the Council as perceived by its members.