Degree Name

Education Specialist (EdS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Robert V. Shuff


Objectives of the Field Study

  1. To develop an in-service workshop to disseminate the Career Exploration Occupational Information for the Junior High/Middle School, A Planning Curriculum Guide, to administrators and instructors in junior high/middle schools.
  2. To develop an in-service package which would be used during the DAVTE workshop which in turn could be used by the participant to in-service personnel in their own LEA workshop.
  3. To conduct four workshops within the state which would both in-service junior high/middle school personnel and disseminate the planning curriculum guide.
  4. To develop and mail a brochure describing the workshop.
  5. To prepare a follow-up evaluation.
  6. To prepare monthly and final reports.

Procedures of Implementation

The workshops were developed using the input from career exploration program instructors and administrative personnel from the original program field testing sites and from state leaders knowledgeable in the dissemination of curriculum materials. The sites selected were to be (1) geographically located across the state, (2) easily accessible to all participants, and (3) one workshop would be a part of the Junior High Association of Illinois Spring Conference.

A brochure was developed and mailed to over 2200 persons - administrators, counselors, teachers, and program developers. The brochure was also distributed through the Junior High School Association of Illinois, the Illinois Reading Council and the Illinois Vocational Association. The brochure was not only designed to inform people about the workshops but also inform people about the Career Exploration curriculum materials available to the Junior High/Middle school educators.

Four workshops were scheduled though liaison personnel at each location. Equipment was either provided at the site or taken to the workshop.

Contribution to Vocational and Technical Education

This field study represents a concern for the dissemination of Career Education materials to Junior High/Middle School educators to be used for LEA implementation of a career exploration program. The fact that a series of workshops was developed to introduce the materials to the junior high/middle school staff indicates that there was a response to the recommendation of the previous project report, that an opportunity be made to in-service workshop participants not only in the use of specific materials, but to also provide a role model for local staff for inservicing their staffing in the use of the materials.

There has been a major concern following dissemination of materials as to methods of local in-servicing. The method developed during the workshop which gives the participant the materials with which to in-service the LEA staff should assist each Vocational Technical Education program staff to adopt the materials more quickly and easily. The follow-up study should provide data to support or refute the hyothosis.