Degree Name

Education Specialist (EdS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Donald W. Smitley


During the 1976-77 school term a study to evaluate the Cissna Park, Unit Six high school occupational education program was undertaken with the cooperation of the administration, guidance counselor, citizens advisory council, and occupational teachers.

PURPOSE: The study was entered into in order to determine future goals and directions for the programs involved. The period of time in which the study was conducted showed declining enrollments in the school district as well as serious financial problems. New information was needed to provide a basis for decisions the board of education would be dealing with concerning programs and staff.

PROCESS: Areas for study were selected and following the development of a purpose statement questions were developed by the committee. These questions would serve as the basis for the study. After the determination of direction the tools were developed to accomplish the objectives and a time line established. Student and employer surveys were distributed, student evaluation forms processed, and a guidance questionnaire mailed. The results of these forms were tabulated, analyzed, and reviewed. Recommendations were made to the school board at the June, 1977 meeting.

LIMITATIONS: The study had a number of serious limitations, including limited resources, limited funding, lack of released time, and lack of top level commitment to the project. As the school year progressed these limitations manifested themselves in several ways, including staff attitudes and loss of interest. These shortcomings did limit the overall value of the study.

SUMMARY: The end result of the study came about as a result of much hard work on the part of those people involved. It provided some answers and possibilities for future study. There were a number of tasks that could have been more thoroughly developed. Several suggestions are listed below for making such a study more meaningful and pertinent.

1. Limit your study to one year. Try to start and end with the term. If possible don't carry over into the summer months.

2. Restrict your study in scope. It is better to do a good job with a limited study than a poor one with a broad-based study.

3. Secure adequate funding and released time for the study. Teachers are busy and an added burden will not be willingly accepted by most staff members.

The study presented some alternatives for the board, administration, and staff to look at in future years. We accomplished many of the goals we set for study and fell short of others. However, the end result and final determiner of its success or failure is whether it is used or placed on a shelf in the superintendent's office to gather dust.