Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

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Thesis Director

Cary I. Knoop


This paper is intended to reflect the creative sensibilities of one artist-scientist as he experiments with media and his perceptions of nature as an approach to growth. His philosophy revolves around the relationship of his experience, his natural instinctive sensibilities, their affection upon his intuition, and the resulting creative process. The stimuli for the process are found in the natural realm around him whether perceived scientifically or artistically. Due to the intrinsic nature of the creative phenomenon, it is very difficult for the artist to separate the scientific and artistic modes from the naturalistic or experiential stimuli. So he goes forth in as spontaneous a fashion as possible while following an experimental approach to growth, keeping his work as close to nature as he can.

He does not limit his experiments to one form or type, but experiments with many forms as vehicles for growth. He illustrates his progress as evidence of his experimental approach to growth.

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Sculpture Commons