Degree Name

Education Specialist (EdS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Gerhard C. Matzner


This field study was written and submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Specialist in Education at the Graduate School of Eastern Illinois University. The study was based on a single unique experience. The purpose of this paper was to show a complete overview of a North Central Association Evaluation. This was accomplished by applying the process utilized by the Villa Grove High School in its North Central Evaluation.

Each North Central Association Evaluation is divided into three phases. These phases are the self-evaluation phase, the visitation team phase and the implementation of recommendations of the visitation team phase. The author has used these phases as chapter headings for the first three chapters of the paper.

Chapter one deals with the self-evaluation phase. It describes what Villa Grove did before writing their self-evaluation report, the problems encountered during the self-evaluation, and what would be done differently if another evaluation were to occur. A copy of the self-evaluation report is included in the appendix of the paper.

The second chapter deals with problems encountered in the selection of a North Central Evaluation Visitation Team and a visitation team chairman. There is also a description of the work done by the visitation team while at Villa Grove. A copy of the North Central Association Visitation Team Report and a copy of all North Central Evaluation expenses incurred by the Villa Grove School District are included in the appendix of the paper.

The third chapter of the paper includes those recommendations of the visitation team that can be implemented by the Villa Grove School District in the next two years. A statement of implementation is included with each recommendation.

The final chapter deals with conclusions drawn by the author during the North Central Evaluation. The author also relates some of the unique circumstances surrounding the Villa Grove School District at the time of the North Central Evaluation that could determine the implementation of recommendations made by the visitation team.