Degree Name

Education Specialist (EdS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

David E. Bartz


There are two purposes of this field study. The first purpose of the field study is to predict the anticipated revenues available in the building fund of the Beecher City school district. The prediction includes building and life safety monies available through the end of the 1984 fiscal year. The main purpose of the field study is to provide a schedule for maintaining and refurbishing the junior-senior high school building for the school years of 1979, 1980, and 1981.

The field study is divided into four chapters. The first chapter conservatively predicts the assessed valuation that the school district can expect to the end of the fiscal 1984 school year. Included in chapter one is the anticipated revenues that the Beecher City school district can expect in the building fund.

Chapter two includes bids on exterior and interior improvements anticipated during the 1979-1980 school year. Included in chapter two are bids on the parking lot expansion, front entrance door replacement, gymnasium exit door replacement, installation of drainage tile, and the replacement of the front steps and walk. Also included in chapter two are bids on paint, replacement parts for the lockers in the boys locker room, shower head replacement, retiling room 109, replacement of all interior locks, replacement of the dishwasher and the exhaust hood in the kitchen, and the replacement of all tables in the library.

Chapter three includes bids on the replacement of the stage curtains, the replacement of the gymnasium lighting, the replacement of library chairs, the purchase of three study carrels, and the purchase of additional library shelving.

Chapter four contains bids for the installation of a dust collection system for the industrial arts and agriculture shop area.

The field study contains two appendixes. The first appendix contains a list of all contractors who bid on the various items in the field study. The second appendix is a documented log of all accomplished activities in the preparation of the field study.

The field study is fifty four pages in length.