Degree Name

Education Specialist (EdS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Donald W. Smitley



During the spring semester of 1979, Dr. Donald W. Smitley of Eastern Illinois University; Mr. Joseph Foster, Superintendent of Shelbyville School System Unit #4; and Harold O. Redicks, Principal of Moulton Junior High, agreed that the author would participate in an assortment of activities in order to gain meaningful experiences to prepare the author for a position as a school administrator. The author entered this program for the purpose of acquiring knowledge of being a school administrator and to work under the guidance of a successful superintendent and principal.


The author gained meaningful experiences by participating in and preparing the following activities for the 1979-80 school year:

  1. Daily work under the principal and superintendent
  2. Schedules for seventh and eighth grade classes
  3. Sectioning of the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade which is based on the criteria set up by the author, recommendations of teachers, and results of SRA testing
  4. Schedule for supervision and detention duties for the seventh and eighth grade teachers
  5. Schedule for the activity room to be used by fifth grade, special education, and kindergarten during inclement weather and a schedule for outside playground use in fair weather
  6. Schedule for both morning, noon, and lunch period supervision for fifth and sixth grades, and special education, and kindergarten
  7. Develop a new junior high curriculum which hopefully will be implemented in the near future.
  8. Develop a new handbook for the parents of the kindergarten students

The author feels that a good administrator should accomplish some of the following whenever time permits:

  • standing in our corridors talking to and listening to the students throughout the day
  • stopping by teachers' rooms and visiting or discussing any problems they might be having
  • attending all students' activities and visiting classes so that the students will know that he, the principal, is interested in them and what they are doing
  • taking time to talk and visit with parents whenever they are visiting the school
  • being as genuinely complimentary as possible to students and staff members

Even with all the pressures, interruptions and deadlines, the author feels that being an administrator would be an enjoyable experience because of the many challenges and opportunities to work with the staff and students.