Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Cary I. Knoop


The problem chosen is one which utilizes the fabrication of parts to be constructed into a unified sculptural whole. The documentation of the fabrication of two sculptural statements is presented in this paper. A personal process of finalizing a finished piece will be presented. The works in the following pages are from similar ideas, yet different in their approach because of the two separate materials utilized--mild steel and quarter-sawed white oak. The first documented piece discussed is in steel; the second, in wood. What guides the approach to the works as sculptural ideas will first be encountered.

I am involved in the process of making objects. The subject matter of my sculptures state their own existence as three-dimensional form. My statement is primarily motivated by a desire to experience lines and tension in space. The tension experience comes through the use of various dimensional thicknesses of line and their accompanying weights. The linear elements are directional, their tense characters vary in degree from one material to another, i.e., steel and wood.

The sculpture shows that my hand has touched and worked the material. The material relays information to show the directness of its execution in the construction process. The tension process incorporated into the pieces registers with the material at its chosen worked state - to be in parity.

Included in

Sculpture Commons