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Master of Arts (MA)

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Carl Shull


This thesis is an attempt to show that the Expressionistic style of painting lends itself to the Sports figure. The action and dynamic movement of the athlete can be easily portrayed by the slashing strokes and boldly suggested forms of Expressionism. By painting in this style the "feelings and emotions" of an event may be sensed. Sometimes the form is obviously exaggerated to emphasize this emotional quality or mood.

This paper discusses and illustrates the work of several sports artists who use Expressionism for their style of work. Leroy Neiman is probably the most famous of these, having worked for many companies including ABC's Wide World of Sports in covering the Olympic Games. Robert Handville, Coby Whitmore, and Jim Jonson are all illustrators who have all at one time or another worked for Sports Illustrated magazine. Carl Shull presently an art professor at Eastern Illinois University has experience working with the athlete from a series of paintings he did for Eastern's Physical Education Department in observance of the Diamond Jubilee Celebration in 1973.

The last chapter of the thesis is devoted to a discussion and analysis of my sports paintings with some attention to technique, materials used, preparation of the working surface, and determining composition.

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Painting Commons