Graduate Program

Educational Administration

Degree Name

Education Specialist (EdS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Gerhard C. Matzner


Most schools are designed for adults, for the comfort and convenience of faculty and administration. The faculty is divided by the administration into specified areas of the facility and given tasks for which they are specifically trained. This has been the traditional method of educational instruction.

One of the major responsibilities of the principal is that of educational leader in instruction. The effective principal must be constantly in search of methods of improving instruction.

An important program has been implemented at Windsor High School. This program is designed to enrich the traditional curricular offerings. The program is called the mini-course program.

The mini-course program expands on the traditional approach to learning by incorporating the faculty, facilities, and area resources into a program of learning instruction. The idea is to provide a learning situation for the student that incorporates the idea that learning is a life long process. The program attempts to illustrate, by the use of hands on activities, that the entire world is a learning station.

The program is designed to demonstrate that hobbies, careers, or individual activities of a personal nature are part of the life-long educational process. The program points out that the school is not the only place to learn and learning does not end with the completion of a formal educational program.

The most important aspect in the work of developing a mini-course program is promotion of the concept to the superintendent, the board of education, the community and the students. The main thrust must be directed at receiving student support. If the student is not interested in the final product, the enrichment program will be a failure.

In order to gain acceptance, the mini-course program director must be aware that there are problems in program development. The main problems are developing good public acceptance, faculty acceptance, transportation difficulties, and many administrative procedures.

Regardless of the problems of program implementation, the program administrator must constantly focus his attentions and efforts on the positive aspects of the program. These include:

  1. a better understanding of the school by people of the community
  2. a better understanding of the teacher/student relationship
  3. the development of carry-over value for the student
  4. actual on the job contact in career areas
  5. the development of better administrative faculty interaction
  6. the use of the course as a public relations tool.

The mini-course program has been used twice at Windsor High School. The students, faculty, and community have an extremely positive attitude toward the program and look forward to its implementation.