Graduate Program

Educational Administration

Degree Name

Education Specialist (EdS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Donald W. Smitley


The major purpose of the Field Experience paper was to provide basic and specific information necessary to deal with matters concerning the middle school interscholastic athletic program. The paper includes a Log of Activities stating where the information was obtained. The Field Experience paper includes a handbook to be used by athletic supervisors as they plan programs of interscholastic athletics for their schools.

The handbook presents administrative information needed by the athletic supervisor as the handbook outlines the role and responsibilities of the athletic supervisor in dealing with matters of finance, budget, hiring of game personnel and officials, and other duties in the interscholastic athletic program. The major part of the handbook focused upon the job description for the middle shcool athletic supervisor so that he/she would be well-informed about the prescribed purpose of the athletic program.

The handbook includes background information, basic rules, district regulations, and safety precautions for each sport included in the middle school athletic program. The sports include boys wrestling, girls volleyball, basketball, and track in Decatur School District No. 61, Decatur, Illinois. The background information on each sport is to be useful to the athletic supervisor by identifying problems that could possibly arise in a sport.

The paper provides problems that people might encounter in compiling such a handbook. The steps taken to approve such a handbook are contained in the paper.

The conclusion drawn by the Field Experience paper is a recommendation that every district develop an interscholastic athletic handbook for use as a guide in planning and promoting a sound interscholastic athletic program.