Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Kipp C. Kruse


Plexiglass fry traps were used to investigate the abundance and spatiotemporal distribution of bluegill and redear sunfish fry in Ringneck Pond, a small pond in Central Illinois. High spring turbidity delayed spawning of both species. Bluegill fry were more abundant than redear sunfish fry. Small bluegill fry (14 mm to 20 mm TL) inhabited open water more commonly than large bluegill fry (20.5 mm to 26.5 mm TL) but densities of both size groups were highest in a sheltered bay at the north end of the pond. Bluegill fry avoided the surface in open water. Catch rates of bluegill and redear sunfish fry were higher in lighted fry traps than in unlighted fry traps. Fry collected in lighted traps were generally smaller than fry collected in unlighted traps. Species composition, spatial distribution and length frequency of fry collected in traps and by seining in September were similar. Overwinter survival of bluegill fry was low.

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Zoology Commons